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Tip Calculator, Bill Splitter and Discount Calculator all rolled into one app.

Need to calculate tip for your bill? Out with friends and want to split the bill for everyone? Bill Genie by TundraApps is about to make your wishes come true. We have created an app which is not only a Tip Calculator, but also will help you figure out how to Split a Bill. And as an added bonus, we have included a Discount Calculator for FREE! You're essentially getting a free app within Bill Genie. And ad free!

* In true TundraApps fashion, Tip Calculator goes above and beyond other tip calculators on the market. You'll never need to search for a tip card again. Not only will this calculate tip, but it also takes discounts and coupons into account. And the question of "how much do I tip" is answered as well. Simply rate your service and Bill Genie will suggest your tip amount.

* The Split Bill Evenly helps you split a bill evenly among members of your group. Use it for a restaurant bill, bar tab, cab ride, or even a ski weekend. The tip suggestions are also built right in to save you time.

* But we realize there are times when people may want to pay for only what they are responsible for. This is what separates Bill Genie from other "bill splitter" apps on the market. You are able to add the names of your group and the items on your bill. Simply check off what each person is responsible for and it will automatically calculate what each person owes...including the tip.

* And as a bonus feature, we included the Discount Calculator which helps you to find the sale price or regular price of an item in the store.

Yes, you could download free apps off the market, but you would need to need 4 apps on your phone. With Bill Genie, you get all these utilities in one location. Not to mention the additional features usually not found on other apps and No Ads!!!