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The new Android app, Concrete Calculator by Tundra Apps, LLP will help you estimate concrete amounts you need for various projects. If you are pouring a new driveway, sidewalk, column, or other type of concrete project, the Concrete Calculator will give you the total cubic yards of your project and estimate the amount of 40#, 60#, and 80# bags of pre-mixed concrete you will need.

Using patio blocks to build a new patio? The app will also calculate how many blocks you will need based upon the dimensions of your patio.

Switching between US/Imperial measurements and Metric measurements is quick and easy, making this a handy app no matter where you live.

Doing more than one project? Not a problem. Save each project to your job list. When you have finished entering the dimensions of each project, view and email your project materials list to an email address of your choice. Send it to your home office, local hardware store, or home account to print and take with you.

Version 2.0

1. Fixed display issues with Android 4.0 on some devices.
2. Added ability to save costs to phone. No more entering in costs each time you use the app.
3. Added ability to save jobs to phone. Now you can pull up Job Details for all saved jobs.
4. Added costs to Pre-Mix Breakdown
5. Added calculated cost to main screen