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If you're looking for a custom live wallpaper sure to get attention, look no further.

This is the free version of lightning live wallpaper by TundraApps. It allows you to get an idea of what the wallpaper looks like. The full version contains a total of 25 backgrounds detailed below. It's like getting 25 live wallpapers for one low price! Plus, the paid version gives you the ability to change the cloud color and speed!!!

An incredible display of lightning strikes on your screen with every touch.

Unlike most live wallpapers on the market, Lightning Live Wallpaper by TundraApps is customizable. Change the color of your lightning bolts and select your background. You can even adjust the settings to allow for random lightning strikes.

The wallpaper will sleep when your phone does, so this droid live wallpaper will not drain your battery. An obvious advantage.

This weather related wallpaper is sure to become a hit. If you enjoy thunderstorms and are looking for a fun live wallpaper, you'll enjoy this.

The full version contains the following custom backgrounds:

* Acropolis
* Fenway Park
* Golden Gate Bridge
* Lambeau Field
* Statue of Liberty / New York
* Parliament and Big Ben
* Space Needle
* St. Louis Arch
* Sydney Opera House

UPDATE 12/3/2011:

Added animated clouds and made the lightning bolts more realistic. Also added new backgrounds on the paid version to choose from, bring the total to 20. New paid backgrounds include:

* Dracula's Castle
* Empire State Building
* Great Wall of China
* London Eye
* The Louvre
* Petronas Towers
* Taj Mahal
* Versailies
* Washington Monument

Update 12/8/2011:

Fixed a small bug and added a new "mystery" random feature which can periodically be seen by watching the skyline.

Update 12/26/2011:

* Fixed "Out of Memory" issue
* Made lightning more realistic looking
* Fixed "Flashing" issue

Update 1/23/12:

* Redeveloped to utilize Open GL which allows for more realistic features
* Upgraded lightning
* Added ability to change the cloud speed and color (PAID VERSION ONLY)
* Added 5 new backgrounds, bringing the total to 25 for the paid version!!!!
* Brandenburg Gate
* Cologne Cathedral
* Spinx & Pyramids
* South Korea Skyline
* Tokyo Tower

Update 3/5/12:

* Added preference to turn off UFO for paid version
* Resolved issue of blank images on certain devices
* Added efficiency gains
* Added 3 new backgrounds, bringing total to 28 for the paid version!!!
* Stonehenge
* Grand Canyon
* Dublin